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Check Processing

Accept checks as easily as a credit card transaction.

By using a check reader or copier connected to a credit card terminal, merchants can process and deposit business and consumer checks at the point of sale.

  • Increase sales with this additional payment option
  • Eliminate bad checks for security and peace of mind
  • Faster availability of funds
  • Eliminate NSF, check handling labor and other banking fees

Our check guarantee

The check guarantee option provides the security and peace of mind to accept checks with confidence. By following simple guidelines during the transaction, merchants reduce their risk of taking bad checks. Funding is guaranteed for approved checks, and the money is deposited electronically into your business bank account.

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We are your go-to partner for all of your business services.

Work directly with the McCay family, including Jeremy McCay himself. We’re always there when you need us and if you have a problem, you never have to deal with automated answering machines again!

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E-Commerce Merchant Accounts

We are an authorized gateway reseller for Authorize.net, e-Processing Network, N.M.I., Procharge Payment Gateway, and Payflow – formerly known as the Verisign online internet gateway. We can integrate virtually with any E-Commerce website and shopping cart software in the market while offering developer friendly API and all of the latest PCI-compliant solutions.

Merchant Cash Advances

We have established relationships with the very best lenders here in the United States. This private network of investors allows us to offer you the best rates possible when offering you cash advances through your credit card processing. It also allows flexible re-payment options such as; monthly, weekly, daily, or even ACH fixed daily payment plans.

Pay-At-The-Pump Processing

We work with most controllers and offer processing opportunities for all types of fleet cards. We also will pay all costs required to reprogram your pumps and replace your Datawire Micro-nodes. We work with the best VeriFone Authorized Service Contractors and Gilbarco Authorized Service Contractors in all 50-states to make the process of changing your processing equipment quick and easy.

Gift Cards

We are an authorized re-seller of eGiftSolutions, the most comprehensive gift and loyalty program available in America. Gift cards are the perfect fit for any retail, restaurant, mall environment, or even for those just looking to increase revenue and track outstanding gift certificate amounts.

Cell-Phone & Wireless Payments

We offer wireless payment solutions that allow your business to accept payments conveniently from just about anywhere! If you’re on the go and looking for a great way to help your customers pay you, wireless credit card processing is the way to go. Our terminals are PCI compliant which offers encryption technology for worry free transactions.

Quickbooks Integration

We offer our own Quickbooks plugin that allows you to continue using your existing QuickBooks setup while lowering your monthly bill. The plugin seamlessly integrates with any workstation running QuickBooks software, and even integrates with your point of sale system. Once the plugin is installed, you can scan items right into your Quick Books system and start saving money.

P.C.I. Security Compliance

We offer free PCI Compliance questionnaire completion for all of our customers. Which means that you no longer have to look at your processing statement and see a monthly PCI non-compliance fee. This is usually a responsibility that other processors rely on you to take care of annually, but we understand that you don’t have time to worry about this kind of stuff. So with us, you don’t have to.

Hard-to-Approve Merchant Accounts

Whether it be a history of charge-backs, fraud, or bad credit, we will help you to open a credit card processing account. Even If you have been denied by other companies and flagged as “High-Risk”, we will do what it takes to approve your account and give you rates that you want.

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